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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Trailer

Until it’s Gone


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A7x or linkin park [asked by ]

"He’s obviously one of the greatest actors I think we have alive today, and he’s also just a remarkable human being, so I love him very much." // "I will write a book one day about how I feel about every aspect of Emily Stone. She’s a full genius. She has found her genius and is giving it all so fully and beautifully. I think everyone who works with her, brushes shoulders with her, or even makes eye contact with her, gets a shot of sunshine.”




"What can I say?,How about: ‘F*ck off you f*cking…’ No, I’m able to talk about her, but I want to protect something that I respect in my life. " - Andrew Garfield


Gosh that face!